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awesome art 'appens 'ere. 

School? More like prison. Here at the Magoo School of Learning, we get that. The Magoo School was founded on the principal of developing individuals who will excel in life, contribute to their communities, lead in a changing society, and grow spiritually. Our fine arts department is no different. We have art, music, a theatre department, you name it! Trust me... it's epic! No, I'm serious... going to school here is a blast!




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in our hallowed halls you find


We use a variety of colors, ranging from one side of the spectrum, to the other, differing in hues. Brilliant.

From boch to Andy Coffman, our courses in music cover a wide range of genres, moods, atmospheres, and genres. You have to see it. To belive it.

Drama are part of what makes our school cool. The theatre department is always working on a new way to make you laugh, cry, and like. Isn't that incredible???